Industrial Cleaners

Zurn’s complete line of cleaning products is formulated for many applications within a variety of industries. Our metal cleaning solutions are manufactured to thoroughly remove all surface residue as well as production oils and coolants to provide superior quality finished parts. Types of Zurn cleaners include solvent-based, alkaline, detergent and other water-based; and are recommended for spray, immersion, brush, hand-wipe or vibratory applications. These cleaners are utilized on floors and in machine sumps, on metal parts and tooling, on printing rollers and blankets, and for general shop use, in both production and maintenance areas.

Zurn’s aqueous cleaners resist biological degradation and may contain rust inhibitors to reduce corrosion during and after the cleaning process. Our solvent-based products vary in flash point, cleaning strength, evaporation rate, and odor. All are ozone friendly and formulated to minimize employee health hazards.

Types of Industrial Cleaners


    Formulated for safe and efficient cleaning in spray, tank, and vibratory systems.


    Blended to provide a variety of cleaning strengths, evaporation rates, and flash points.


    Our graphic arts cleaners vary in chemical composition, evaporation rate, etc. to provide employee acceptance, cost effectiveness and optimum performance.

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