Custom Industrial Formulations

For more than a century, the Zurn Oil Company has gained intimate knowledge of our customers’ processes and challenges, and strived to provide the highest degree of satisfaction through product design, support, and interaction. Our company-wide singular focus on customer satisfaction has enabled us to custom formulate metalworking fluids, lubricants, and cleaners to achieve optimum results, both in performance and cost. Our laboratory, production, quality control and office personnel all strive to build your trust and satisfaction through chemistries that provide solutions to tough technical issues through high performing products, even as industrial processes evolve.

We are able to manufacture these custom products in relatively minimal quantities so that even small manufacturers can utilize our experience and expertise to compete globally. Besides solving many industrial challenges, we continually work to develop environmentally responsible products through innovation, research and field testing.

Areas where we have produced unique solutions and
cost effective results:

OEM Testing Oils
Vacuum Pump Oils
Compressor Oils
Hydraulic Fluids & Hydraulic Additives
Way Lubricants
Knitting Oils and Sewing Machine Lubricants
Gear Oils

Other Fluid Products:
Rust Preventives
Heat Transfer Fluids & Heat Transfer Additives

Metalworking Fluids:
Grinding Fluids
Lapping Vehicles
Gun Drilling Oils
Cutting Oil Additives
Honing Oils
Cold Heading Oils
Drawing Compounds & Stamping Oils
Roll Forming Oils
Quenching Oils
Cutting Fluids & Cutting Oil Additives
Machining Coolants
Sawing Fluids
Tapping Fluids
Biodegradable Cutting Oils

Technical Expertise and Support

We have in-house chemists and a fully equipped laboratory to custom formulate lubricants and other industrial fluids, and insure quality control of all raw materials, processes and finished products.

We are able to solve manufacturing problems by either recommending a current product or designing a new one, to economically produce the desired results for our customers.

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