January 2010
Heavy Duty Soluble Enhanced

Aquasol 1000-DX has been improved to provide greater rust protection and sump life through a newly advanced additive package. This will allow for greater margin of operator error in maintaining dilution ratios, reduced downtime and waste disposal.

January 2009
Zurnoil Becomes Member of MAP (Manufacturers Alliance of Philadelphia)

Representatives of our company along with 1,300 other members meet monthly to discuss various policies such as economic development, job training, growth and well being of all manufacturing sectors in the Philadelphia market place.

March 2008

“Old Style Waylube” Production Continues

In spite of many lubricant manufacturers reducing inventory and phasing out the “old style waylubes,” the Zurn Oil Company continues its commitment to manufacture both types of way lubricants to meet the needs and preferences of our customers. “Old style” way lubricants have additional tack and enhanced anti wear additives and ideally service older machine tools, modern cold heading operations, and other applications where a tackified EP lubricant is needed.

January 2007
New Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Fluid Introduced

The newly developed product, Aquasol SS-550, meets the increased demand for a versatile machining and grinding fluid that performs well with all metals. It is readily miscible with hard or soft water and offers excellent rust protection. Through its design, this product remains stable even with the introduction of tramp oil which in turn saves on costly downtime. Finally, with the absence of chlorinated paraffins, the cost of disposal is greatly reduced which results in a product that increases your bottom line.

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