About Us

Established in 1883, the O.F. Zurn Company has been formulating and manufacturing lubricants, metalworking fluids, cleaners, and related products for over 125 years! The transition through the years within America’s industrial age has led the “Zurn Oil” Company’s focus to evolve from turbine oils to various engine oils, to textile lubricants, and over the last 50 years to metalworking fluids, lubricants, and cleaners.

This breadth, expertise, and longevity has allowed Zurnoil to develop into a company with skilled employees, experienced and knowledgeable sales and lab personnel, and practical applications of modern manufacturing techniques.


The Zurn Oil Company was founded and managed by the Zurn family until 1965 when it was acquired by John M. Ballinger who had served as sales manager for many years. John, Jr. and Mike Ballinger are part of current management and serve as President/Technical Director and Vice President/Sales Manager respectively.

With its “Aquasol” line of water-based metalworking fluids and their continued commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative product design and redesign, they have grown the organization into a multimillion dollar corporation supporting manufacturers in the mid-Atlantic region.

Today it continues to thrive as evidenced by its intense customer loyalty, product quality, and continued development of innovative products and packaging to allow our customers to compete in today’s global marketplace.

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